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The real-estate markets in Vancouver are fluctuating daily. It can be a challenge to maintain a realistic assessment of the value of your property. Furthermore, the cities and townships of the Fraser Valley are changing zoning regulations all the time. While developers know when to look for these updates, homeowners are often not notified, therefore, it can be difficult to anticipate when a lucrative opportunity is within your grasp. Mattu Realty wants to offer a solution to this problem for homeowners who would like to know the market value of your home. This service is free to you and can be scheduled anytime. Simply fill out the form below and a realtor will be in touch with you shortly.

Your Free Property Assessment Includes

  • An in-person meeting with one of our esteemed realtors.
  • A fair assessment of your home and the land it sits on.
  • Insight into any developments that might be moving into your area.
  • Recommendations on how to navigate the real-estate market most successfully.
  • The opportunity to list your home with Mattu Realty and make a fast, valuable sale.

We look forward to helping you realize the true value of your home!

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